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Support Fresh Food from local farms & ranches to our underserved in need

Support the local economy with healthier food options

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Donate to LIFT-UP Farm to Food Pantry program

LIFT-UP saw the need for healthier fresh food options beyond the typical non-perishable canned, boxed and bagged foods that oftentimes are laden with extra salt and sugars.Some initial grants, from Colorado Blueprint on Hunger, Hunger Free Colorado and Aspen Community Foundation, allowed for the purchase of fresh meat from Potter Farms as well as produce from local farms.

The Farm to Food Pantry is a win-win for our community economically and in providing healthier food options to those struggling with food scarcity and insecurity. After years of encouraging gleaning during fall harvests, partnerships with farmers’ markets and a grocery rescue program that in 2019 received more than 371,000 pounds of fresh produce and dairy, plus the recent grants outlined above, LIFT-UP has tested the waters.Growing our Farm to Food Pantry program will help our entire community.This is an economic system that will offer more improved food offerings, from more producers, through community food sites like the LIFT-UP food pantries to the underserved.

LIFT-UP can serve more clients with healthier food choices, help farmers & ranchers with known paid food purchasing commitments and keep the resources in the Roaring Fork valley, regionally and along the I-70 corridor.

This expanded Farm to Food Pantry Program will:

  • Support the local economy with the purchase of produce, dairy and beef from local farmers and ranchers,
  • Allow farms and ranches to plan ahead for crops and needs,
  • Offer needed dairy through Colorado-based dairy farms,
  • Provide healthier food options to the underserved population in the Roaring Fork valley beyond the traditional non-perishable food sources resulting in potentially fewer negative health impacts,
  • Create a system with a lower impact on our environment with less trucking from outside Colorado resources.

How it works:

  • Through grants and donations, LIFT-UP will make purchasing commitments to local (Roaring Fork valley) farms and ranchers as well as regionally for additional produce and dairy.
  • Farmers will have up-front commitments and funding to grow their crops.
  • Fall harvesting will be delivered to LIFT-UP through local distributors (Farmrunners and Skips) to the LIFT-UP Food Pantries
  • LIFT-UP will distribute fresh produce, dairy and meat to their underserved clients in need.
  • Beyond the typical grocery rescue, this program will also allow for ordering foods in keeping with cultural diversity and seasonality, while also allowing for flexibility in accepting secondary market produce or adjustments should a crop not produce as expected due to natural disasters or other unforeseen situations.